Why Us?


Lots of companies want your business.  At American Studio, we are out to earn it.

How, you ask?  Well, as the expression goes, we know our onions.

When you select a vendor for your program, you are entrusting your business and the success of your season to an outside party.  At American Studio, our mission is to grow your business, make your life easier, and have a little fun along the way.

Our level of achievement in mass-volume product excellence has brought a new dimension to the vendor marketplace, and has resulted in consistently higher sell-throughs for our items.  And, our awareness of color, design, and market conditions gives consumers the reason to buy.

The key to the company’s success is a focused strategy of bringing fashion and value to every product it offers.  American Studio’s design and merchandising teams perform extensive trend-tracking research, resulting in exciting collections of products that are uniquely created, yet follow the direction of emerging fashions.

And much to our surprise, we have also had success with basics!  No matter what we do, we put a special ‘spin’ on each product, making it unique, and allowing consumers to purchase affordable, high-quality, highly fashionable products.

“Design” in the age of “Value”

We have also worked very hard to provide value to our retailer partners.  With the growth of global sourcing initiatives, the traditional role of the supplier has changed.  American Studio’s strength in design and trend knowledge answers this challenge, as we provide value to the retailer that is elusive when dealing directly with overseas factories.  Our combination of great design, value pricing, western taste, and flawless sourcing has made American Studio an important supplier to many well-known global retailers.

The company maintains a Hong Kong office, staffed with merchandisers, designers and quality control personnel, providing a superb comfort level to our customers.

Our dedicated staff has years of experience liaising with western customers and Asian factories.  The company’s products are manufactured in a network of top-quality factories throughout southern and northern China.

So, after all that, does American Studio know their onions?  Ask anyone!

We have earned the trust of many of the nation’s largest and most successful retailers by performing far above the level of the competition.  Trust American Studio to bring that same level of performance to your business.
It all begins with Great Product!

A great company is only as great as the products it produces.  Some of the categories we are proud to influence:
  • Fashion School Supplies
  • Backpacks, Messenger Bags and Booktotes
  • Lunch Kits
  • Summer Coolers and Totebags
  • Kids Bags
  • Business Cases
  • Cosmetics Bags