Top 10 Reasons


Top 11 Reasons To Partner With American Studios
(Sorry, we just couldn't keep it to ten...)

  1. We are far and away the fashion and design leader in our markets bringing unique styling, graphics, quality, and fabrications to static product categories. 
  2. Our design team continually monitors and evaluates the latest trends and translates these into top-selling products.
  3. We are a nimble and reactive company, able to customize products for major retailers, working closely with you on the development of designs, patterns, colors, and trends for your new items.
  4. We help our customers to be "fashion leaders" not "trend followers".
  5. We offer fashion-forward products in themed collections, easy for the retail to merchandise and for the consumer to purchase in multiples. Market basket data shows that themed merchandise leads to plus sales.
  6. We have long standing partnerships with our overseas factories, resulting in stable manufacturing and great quality. Surprises are for birthdays, not for business.
  7. We can supply you on a D.I. basis when desired, and we can replenish from our USA distribution center when it suits your planning.
  8. We are a woman owned up company.
  9. We run our business the same way we design our products with keen attention to detail!
  10. No detail is too small to obsess over.
  11. And, as you can see, we like cupcakes!